Artificial Neural Networks mimic functions of the human brain to transmit and process information,
and are considered as one of the best machine learning techniques

What are neural networks

Artificial neural networks, a technique for implementing Machine Learning, were inspired by the model of a human’s brain that remains the most efficient and flexible (read: ideal) information processing device in the world. Neural networks technique that mimics the functions of neurons (understanding, cognition and perception) is currently considered as the best approach for solving computer vision tasks, speech recognition and generation, pattern recognition, music composition, medical image analysis, diagnoses and outcome predictions etc.

Machine learning, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence, is a method of «training» an algorithm so that it can learn how to perform tasks that it has never solved before. The key principle of machine learning is: the more data the system has, the better it will be able to learn and function. The system is first «fed» with a massive amount of data and afterwards learns how to accomplish goals (e.g. distinguish between objects) and improve upon the process. Services developed by Kuznech are based specifically on the neural networks method.

How we apply neural networks

Kuznech Visual Search & Recognition Technology was created by a team of devoted and persistent scientists, machine engineers, and developers. We pulled only the best from world-class scientific research on deep learning performed over the last two decades, synthesized that knowledge with the research we have constantly ongoing, and created a system that successfully handles a wide range of visual search and object recognition tasks.


on neural networks methods

  • ShelfMatch™: SKU Recognition

    SKU Recognition

    Analyses images of product shelves, recognizes SKUs and automatically compares planograms with actual window displays.

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  • Logotrakr™: Logo Recognition

    Logo Recognition

    Detects and recognizes your brand logo within images in social networks (social listening tool) and video streams (e.g. of sports games).

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  • AdultX™: Content Filtering

    Content Filtering

    A scalable solution based on convolutional neural networks method that detects prohibited content within images and videos.

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  • LikeThis™: Object Recognition

    Object Recognition

    Automatically recognizes products in a view of a mobile camera, determines their type and finds same/similar items in your catalog.

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Other Kuznech technologies

  • Data mining

    Big data and data mining

    To us, big data is just data. And deep data is big data plus theory – which, in turn, is experience. Since 2011 we use machine learning, distributed computing and other technologies to find connections in the world's data, create valuable insights, understand causes and predict outcomes.

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  • Neural networks

    Machine learning and neural networks

    Neural networks, the pioneering technology within deep learning (a subset of machine learning, which in turn is a subset of artificial intelligence, AI) are now used by almost all giant companies from Google to Instagram. In Kuznech, we use neural networks for object recognition: from clothing to furniture, from logos to SKUs on the shelf.

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  • Development on demand

    Development on demand

    Rethinking the word «software» to keep pace with digital revolution, businesses are searching for a new way of software development. We develop software on demand based on visual search, neural networks, deep learning, computer vision, KDD and other technologies and methods, treating you and your specific requests with priority.

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