Video Duplicate Search and Copyright Infringement Tracking

Video Search System by Kuznech searches for unlicensed and illegally distributed copies of videos on websites with UGC (user generated content): social networks, online cinemas, and entertainment web portals. The technology searches for both video duplicates at different quality levels (HD, screen copy, BD-DVD, etc.) and copies of videos with different file transformations, such as color changes, subtitles, screen copies, framing, advertising, and more.

Video Search technology enables its users to automatically detect illegal video content uploads, block distribution of pirated videos, and monetize authorship content.

Database clustering

Video Search Technology can be used to deduplicate large video collections.
Organize and cluster visual content to keep your video database well-managed and conserve hard drive space.

Video search by fragments

Kuznech Video Search tool can also find videos using uploaded fragments, analyzing the content of the uploaded fragment and finding all videos in the database that fully or partly contain that video fragment. Kuznech algorithms are able to create compact descriptions of graphic files unaffected by name, resolution, format, coding, or compression.


  1. Effectiveness and stability: fast, precise video search that works with large databases
  2. Reliability: used by the largest market players (including the Russian social network Odnoklassniki)
  3. Compatibility: compatible with all programming languages, data structures, and operating systems
Read more about Kuznech core Visual Search Technology or contact us to ask us any questions about Video Search.

Best for

Entertainment video portals

Automatically track and block illegal video content uploads.

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