High-performance system for FMCG-retail:
SKU recogntion and shelf audit

What is ShelfMatch™

Supermarket shelves might now be the world’s most expensive property. The more expensive the product representation on a shelf is, the more attention retailer/manufacturer pays to optimize costs for managing shelf space. Unfortunately, nowadays shelf audit is often carried out in manual way, which leads to numerous errors and massive profit losses.

ShelfMatch™ is a service for automated SKU recognition and planogram vs. realogram compliance. Technology allows FMCG retailers to control SKU placement on the shelf, reducing manual work to an absolute minimum — sales representative only makes photos of shelves on a mobile device and then sends images to the server. The rest does ShelfMatch™.

ShelfMatch™, being fully automated, significantly increases amount of data that can be collected by a sales representative, enhances analysis accuracy and notably reduces time expenditure needed for processing and analyzing the results, allowing to evaluate your store performance at one glimpse.

ShelfMatch™ analyzes images of shelves, recognizes SKUs and calculates KPIs, e.g.: SKU availability (whether product stays in position, or not), number of facings, OOS (out-of-stock), compliance with the planogram, shelf share, competitive environment etc. — and generates an analytical report.

As a result, you get a highly qualitative information, speed up data processing, increase profitability and reduce transaction costs.

How ShelfMatch™ works

  1. Sales representative takes a snapshot of the shelf by a mobile device (smartphone/tablet) with ShelfMatch™ app.
  2. Image is sent to the servers to be processed.
  3. ShelfMatch™ automatically analyzes the snapshot for SKU presence/absence, shelf share, competitors’ products and other KPIs.
  4. ShelfMatch™ creates a report with accurate (not subject to human errors) and detailed information and sends it to decision makers.

Why you use ShelfMatch™


Be sure your strategy is profitable

Keep track of:

  • OOS (out-of-stock)
  • Planogram vs. realogram compliance
  • Shelf share: your/competitor’s SKUs
  • Number of facings of each SKU
  • SKU absence («holes» in product layout)
  • Other KPIs


Maintain full merchandising strategy control

Get acute information and be constantly aware of:

  • Product placement on the shelf
  • Completeness of assortment matrix
  • Marketing campaign execution
  • Shelf decoration
  • Correct pricing


Get qualitative and up-to-date information

  • Being completely automated, ShelfMatch™ minimizes the human factor, reducing error percentage to almost «zero».
  • All analytical reports are generated by ShelfMatch™ in real time — detect deviation from the planogram immediately (you get audit results up to 20-50 times faster) and make changes in the layout at once.


Increase business performance

  • Increase stock control through assortment
  • Optimize logical product flows
  • Increase profitability and financial performance — minimize payroll burdens by 20-100% (manual labor for performing manual image processing)
  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Prevent reports fraud: ShelfMatch™ collates incoming images and identifies duplicates/images processed in Photoshop.

ShelfMatch™ advantages


High-precision recognition

Recognition accuracy reaches 98+%. Algorithms make decision according to several parameters, like: logo, form, packaging, — which makes the system less vulnerable and more reliable.

Detailed analytics

In addition to data on the shelf itself, ShelfMatch™ can also recognize related information, for example: type of sales equipment, promotional price tags, etc.

Reliable technology

ShelfMatch™ works on neural networks method that allows to train the system to effectively recognize various SKUs.

Easy integration

Ready mobile SDK.
API for CRM/SFA/FFM-systems.

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