Logotrakr™ Brand Logo Recognition

Images and videos flitting about social networks and the Web itself are a gold mine for potential data. But 85% of the textual data accompanying the visual content does not support the actual brand logos that are showing up in an image/video.
Logotrakr™ enables you to identify your logos in images and videos (such as broadcast videostreams, video ads, TV shows, films and video clips) across social networks & earned media and record when the logos appear and disappear. Logotrakr™ system can be used to gather useful information about the audience and their engagement with your brand and improve your understanding of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Make your logo visible. Measure it.

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  1. Extra-targeted ad-campaigns
    According to a Weber Shandwick study, people are drowning in content: More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all three major U.S. networks produced in 60 years, and around 2 billion images and videos are shared across the social web every day.
    But are you getting the most out of your online presence?
    Less than 10% of all brand logos are visible on the web today. Tapping the metadata around an image/video (captions, article text) to understand the contents is not always a reliable method to knowing what logos a photo or a video actually contains. This is why image-recognition services, like Logotrakr™, are the next frontier for those companies that wish to convert visual data into more personalized content for audiences and better targeting for advertisers.
  2. Precise analytics on your brand citedness
    Statistics on the brand logo visibility–how often the logo has been shown during a cultural or sport event on TV or in social networks–is of imminent importance for the advertising industry. Logotrakr™, curating the content of images and videos, unlocks the data hidden behind visual content and lets you precisely track your brand logo performance across social networks and earned media.


  • Find your logo everywhere: in a video stream, on any social network: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr
  • Logotrakr™ service lets you monitor your brand presence without participation from your analytical staff
  • Logos are localized by Logotrakr™ even in complex conditions: on buildings, moving objects, clothes, etc.
  • Advanced algorithms: several channels can now be processed on one server
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