Precise and precious analytical service for logotype
recognition in images and videos

What is Logotrakr™

For last years, we all have been observing the rise of visual content on the Web, especially across social media. Images are more visually stimulating and accessible than plain text, and videos have become really powerful and effective channel for brands looking to communicate more easily with their audiences.

According to latest research, up to 85% of the images containing a brand do not mention it in the accompanying texts. Since text (keyword-centric) search is not applicable to visuals, most content about your brand is going to stay undetected, and opportunities — missed out. To help get out of this trap, we created Logotrakr™: an intelligent and surefire social media visual content management solution.

Logotrakr™ is an automated social listening and visual recognition service that detects and recognizes brand logos within images and videos. Designed for social media and sports sponsorship marketers, Logotrakr™ tracks all visual mentions of the brand and helps get the complete picture of brand presence in social networks. Logotrakr™ also recognizes logos in videos (especially of sports events) and allows for evaluating sponsorship brands activations and calculating their ROI.

Being completely automated, Logotrakr™ helps you uncover and quantify the hidden visual conversation around brands, gain overall control over your marketing efforts and make more meaningful and targeted connections with your audience.

How Logotrakr™ works

  1. First, we will ask you for what logotypes you want to get recognized and in which content (sports games videos/social media)
  2. We train the system (neural networks) to recognize your or your sponsors’ logos. Logotrakr™ searches for brands in images/videos on given platforms
  3. Logotrakr™ creates an automated report on your brand presence. Get access to the report in your dashboard or have the report e-mailed to your or your colleague

Logotrakr™ advantages


Track your brand through all channels at once

Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook: track your brand through various social media platforms at once and get to know which channels reap the greatest returns on your marketing efforts and which need some redesign in marketing campaign.

Features: Geographic filtering, historical data, data segmenting, image tagging.


Get instant and precise reports on your brand presence

Visual content is always big data. But Logotrakr™ makes complex concepts simple and understandable. Due to advanced technology, Logotrakr™ quickly «swallows» and analyzes the content and in a timely manner tracks actual activation of your brand.

Features: Logo placement.


Gain full control over your marketing efforts

Pictures are now the primary way that your customers communicate with the world. But most of visual web-content do not reference brand names in the surrounding text. Uncover these posts and incorporate them into your marketing and social listening strategy. Make sure you know how exactly your brand is performing, obtain insights about your fans’ user generated content, measure the effect of every ad campaign and visual engagement of your brand sponsorships.

Features: Logo valuation.

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