LikeThis™: Mobile Recognition for Fashion Retailers

LikeThis™ Fashion Recognition is an image recognition technology that gives fashion retailers the power to implement real-time visual search to their mobile apps. Once integrated into your mobile application, LikeThis image recognition technology allows your users to take pictures of fashion products that caught their eye (e.g. bag, shoes, jeans) in a magazine or on someone walking down the street, find similar items out of your database and to immediately be directed to product detail pages of your website to make a purchase.
LikeThis can be embedded into your current mobile application or developed as a stand-alone app to be used on demand.

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The Kuznech Mobile Product Recognition Service can be embedded into your current mobile application or developed as a stand-alone app to be used on demand.
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Kuznech Provides Fashion Retailers with Mobile Recognition Service

Look no further than mobile object recognition for yet another technology driving the way people shop for fashion. Consumers can simply snap a shot of something that catches their eye, find a similar product in the fashion retailer’s catalog, and make the purchase with the tap of a button on their smartphones.

The future is indeed bright for forward-thinking, multi-channel fashion retailers looking to supercharge their mobile apps with this technology to boost conversion rates and snag those hard-to-land impulse purchases. With that said, however, the many related apps currently out there all suffer from serious handicaps.

But we have good news: Kuznech has leveraged the image search and recognition engine we built and the deep understanding we have of the fashion retail industry to put consumers in the driver’s seat when it comes to color, texture, shape, and other distinguishing features.

Kuznech invested in advanced research into this area, ultimately adding algorithmic modules to the Kuznech image search and recognition engine aimed specifically at the fashion world. At its core, Kuznech Mobile Recognition is founded on deep learning and convolutional neural networks, making it fast, accurate and robust. Kuznech Mobile Recognition is even able to work with poor quality photos, not to mention the crops, color adjustments, rotations and other edits smartphone and tablet users love to play with on their pictures.

Fashion retailers since the beginning of time have been caught up in a race to satisfy their clients — the customer is always right, after all. And that is what makes this investment the perfect opportunity: those same retailers can pull technologies from companies specializing in mobile recognition — Kuznech, for instance — to exponentially enhance their existing apps.

How it works

from the consumer side:

  1. The user downloads your e-store’s mobile application to their mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
  2. The user points their mobile camera at a fashion item (in a magazine or on a person passing by), which is then recognized by LikeThis’ mobile API.
  3. LikeThis picks the identical or most similar product out of your catalog and retrieves information about the fashion item they liked.
  4. The consumer makes a purchase directly from the gadget wherever they may be: at home, on work, at a cafe or outside.

from the retailer side:

  1. You integrate LikeThis’ Mobile Recognition API into your current mobile application (or we can develop an app for you on demand).
  2. LikeThis processes the image input, analyzes it by interest points, and creates a fingerprint of the detected product that is then transferred to your product database.
  3. The fingerprint of the source product is compared with the fingerprints of other products in your catalog, and the most identical products are picked.
  4. This product page appears on the screen, and your user can make a desired purchase at once.


  1. Connect the physical world of the customer with the digital world of your fashion store: capitalize on mobile devices’ potential to help consumers make impulse purchases wherever they may be. LikeThis simplifies online purchasing for almost any product type to only three steps: Smartphone – Recognition – Purchase, or Snap – Find – Buy.
  2. LikeThis Fashion Recognition technology offers exceptionally high potential for user engagement and retention, helping you increase your click through rates, customer engagement, and average basket size.
  3. Thanks to LikeThis’ advanced technology the image’s fingerprint is ultra small, only about 2-5 KB, which is crucial for data transfer in 3G networks. Say NO! to wasting mobile traffic on a large digital fingerprint and YES! to high upload and response speed.
  4. Scalability: LikeThis API libraries are built on JAVA/C++, the app can be created for any of the leading platforms: iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile.

Facts and numbers

  • Mobile product recognition is already used by such eCommerce monsters as Amazon and eBay.
  • According to Amazon research, the number of purchases made with mobile recognition doubles every two months.
  • Mobile image recognition allows the consumer to scan images without the need of adding any disturbing element to the image (such as a QR code). Seamless and spotless technology for a brilliant shopping experience.
  • According to the “US Mobile Ecommerce Forecast” report by Forrester, mobile commerce revenue in the US is predicted to rise to $31 billion by 2017.
  • According to an ABI Research survey 40% of US respondents who had downloaded a retailer app said they bought more of that brand’s products.
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