High precision mobile product recognition for online retail:
an acute trend along with mobile, omnichannel, retailtainment

What is LikeThis™

As part of the effort to respond rapid changing customer demand and provide consumers with better shopping experience, online retailers are incorporating latest technologies further into their businesses.

First global trend is Mobile: more than 90% of consumers interact with their smartphones during infinite «mobile moments» throughout the day, using their devices while being engaged in another tasks. M-commerce already accounts for 30% of U.S. e-commerce and is expected to outpace traditional e-commerce by 300% faster. As consumers become more reliant on their mobile devices, they expect to get exactly what they need in the moment they need it.

This, in turn, leads to investing in Omnichannel, that converges physical and online worlds offering a seamless and easy shopping experience.

And third, Retailtainment, the fusion of retail and entertainment: an effort to provide customers with unique, exciting and emotional experiences that personalize and elevate shopping above previous customer’s shopping habits.

LikeThis™ is a service of mobile product recognition that responds all actual trends in online retail. It allows for buying goods without letting a mobile device out of hands, providing smooth and entertaining purchasing process. Just take a photo of a product you like with a mobile camera, upload it into the application, get a list of similar items and make a purchase.

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How LikeThis™ works


Make a photo of a product and upload it into mobile application of your favorite e-shop with pre-installed LikeThis™ service.


LikeThis™ automatically recognizes products on the photo and determines their category. Get a list of similar products from the catalog.


Order your favorite product right from the app! It’s just as simple, as One — Two — Three!

LikeThis™ advantages


Brilliant shopping experience

For online retailers, it is important that customer experience with their shop is convenient, elegant and natural. Responding to the trend of experiential marketing, LikeThis™ simplifies the way of making a purchase to 3 steps:
See — Snap — Buy.

Easy access to your products

With LikeThis™, the image of a product itself (and not its description) becomes an entry point to your online store. Say Goodbye to text inquiries, endless scrolling of search results, or ugly QR codes: make purchases directly from from the «real world» products images.

The next level marketing

Besides providing value to your customers, LikeThis™ is a source of precious marketing information for you: Analysis of photos uploaded by your users makes you understand trends, tastes and wishes of your audience and create more targeted marketing campaigns.

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