Fast and surefire «adult» and violent content detection and filtering 

What is AdultX™

The working principle of the Internet is such that anyone who has a device connected to the Web becomes able to share with the world any type of information. By 2020, it is estimated that the number of connected devices is expected to grow exponentially to 50 billion (Cisco research).

Generally, some of the information dispatched is not appropriate for viewing by children and teens. According to latest studies, 12% of the world’s 42 million websites contain adult content. Thus, one of the biggest challenges for social networks and content sharing websites across the globe is to prevent uncontrolled uploading and sharing of prohibited materials.

AdultX™ is an innovative content filtering service that detects porn and violence scenes in images and videos and blocks distribution of such materials. In comparison to other approaches that use text tags and manual filtering of search results, AdultX™ utilizes an advanced neural networks based technology working with a variety of high methods like logotype detection, text recognition, scene classification. AdultX™ uses all available information on the file, both textual and visual, guarantees fast and high precision recognition and helps minimize significant risks to get involved in illegally reproducing or distributing of prohibited materials.

How AdultX™ works

AdultX™ algorithms utilize a full range of efficient scientific methods and their combinations to detect unwanted content in images and videos. Some of main technological approaches are:


Scene and object classification

We analyzed really huge amounts of videos and images (good job, right?) and identified 30 most typical and frequently showing obscene series, like: different poses and angles of typical scenes of copulation (or preparation to it); images of genitals and their combination. If any such scene or object is detected within a file, appropriate filtering settings are applied.

Warning text recognition

According to US law enforcement, porn studios are required to place at the beginning of their videos a warning text screen, stating that the video contains adult content. Usually it has specific text markers, as: «sexually explicit material», «sexually explicit conduct», or «adult only». Should at least one of these phrases be detected within the file, the video is filtered out as suspicious.

Logotype detection and recogniton

To mark their videos, porn film studios put their logos in the video files they produce. AdultX™ takes advantage of these markers using them as a «signal» that the video may contain sexual (pornographic) scenes.

AdultX™ advantages


Complex system of content analysis

Сomputer vision technology that underlies AdultX™ works with the file content itself and is absolutely independent from textual file descriptions, or discretion and subjectivity of content manager who filters the materials «by sight».

High-speed and high-precision

Thanks to the fundamental deep learning technology, AdultX™ algorithms speed varies from 600-800 ms per image on the CPU to 50 ms per image on the GPU. The recognition accuracy is above 98% for images and video.

System scalability

AdultX™ can work on both CPU and GPU processors. The system can also perform a subtler categorization, being able not only to distinguish between «porn»/«not porn» classes, but also «porn»/«erotic».

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