• A victory in a competition does not substitute for real business expertise

    01.10.2013 News

    As it happens, most of startups usually need money — to grow, pivot, add features, hire people, pay for server capacities and so on. There are plenty of ways for teams to get some funding, including «normal» venture investments, accelerators, loans, support from friends and family (and fools too, yes), grants, and various startup challenges. The latter is not the worst way to get money, as in this case you won’t have to cough up a share in your project in exchange; also, it brings — at least temporarily, — quite significant attention to the winning startups.

    ICDEE 2012

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  • CEPIC is pleased to announce a new member: Kuznech

    26.06.2013 News

    Kuznech is a company based in Russia and United States, which has invented technology to index and compare billions of images by 150 parameters, including composition.

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  • Kuznech ready to help Internet users enjoy Web with «grasshopper’s eyes»

    17.05.2013 News

    Russian IT developers have created what might be identified as an image-focused search alternative to Google or Yandex. Inspired by Mather Nature’s sophistication in giving the grasshopper its uniquely rich eyesight, St. Petersburg-based Kuznech is said to have applied similar finesse to developing a technology that enables users to index and compare a host of images online. It’s not just for fun; the Kuznech technology has already brought about solutions that help shoppers find like goods in stores. With a few million dollars invested in the two-year effort, and with about $1.5m in external funding currently under its belt, the start-up focuses primarily on the vast US markets.

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  • What happens after you win a big startup competition? We asked 7 champions from major events

    01.12.2012 News

    Nowadays, every self-respecting conference organizer seems to add a startup competition to their program. Just look around and see for yourself, they’re everywhere. And it seems like these competitions never lack participants, be it fresh aspiring startups or seasoned teams that have raised Series B rounds.

    The winner takes it all — but what exactly does a winner of a startup competition take? We asked 7 teams about the results they got after winning a startup competition in 2012, what happened afterwards, and what a startup should keep in mind when entering a contest.

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  • Russian Kuznech wins IDCEE startup competition, well deserved

    23.10.2012 News

    I was waiting for the Russian Kuznech to start making headlines in the Russian startup press for a while, but it is just this week that the news came in that the company won the startup competition of the IDCEE – the Investor Day CEE conference that took place in Kiev, Ukraine last week.

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  • Kuznech Wins IDCEE Startup Competition

    20.10.2012 News

    IDCEE 2012 start-up competition has been won by Kuznech, a Russian web start-up. Kuznech got EUR 15 000 cash prize. The other Russian startup Flocktory got the 2nd place and EUR 10 000 in cash. The Czech start-up realPad was named the 3rd at IDCEE 2012 startup competition and won EUR 5 000 in cash.

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  • Russia’s young inventors honored at BIT Contest

    03.07.2012 News

    The second prize went to Kuznech. This St. Petersburg based startup is developing a technology for indexing and comparing billions of images online, using a 150-parameter statistical algorithm. Kuznech can find similar images in seconds by comparing them to signatures in its reference database.

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  • BIT-2012 startups competition

    29.06.2012 News

    Second prize-winner is Kuznech startup that works out a solution to search for images on the Internet. The company received a prize of 363 K RUR.

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  • MoneyTalks® Forum Premieres in Sunny Lappeenranta

    19.06.2012 News

    The 11th Bi-Annual networking and matchmaking event, MoneyTalks® Forum, was held on the 14th of June, 2012 in the beautiful summer city of Lappeenranta in Southeast Finland. This was the second time the event was organized outside the Helsinki metropolitan area and gathered nearly 100 participants to partake in the pre-screened presentations and the ensuing pre-organized one-to-one entrepreneur-financier meetings at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. The event was organized in association with the EU Russia Innovation Forum 2012 and as such collected interesting cases from all over the Baltic Sea region, with foreign entrepreneurs and investors coming in from Estonia, Russia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

  • Russia monetizes its innovative potential

    30.03.2012 News

    On the last week of March, a team from the Skolkovo Foundation came to Silicon Valley for the eight annual Global Technology Symposium.

    The symposium has always had a bit of a Russia focus, and this year was no different, featuring a half-day of sessions exclusively on Russia.

    Another highlight of this year’s event was the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Innovation Working Group. The group was established at last year’s G8 summit by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama and is headed by Medevedev’s economic aide Arkady Dvorkovich and Robert Hormats, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs. In its first session, the working group focused on particular problems that countries can work on together, exchanged opinions on the legal framework for innovation as well as future commercialization of the new technology.

    Source: Global Technology Symposium / Press Photo

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