Make Your Brand Visible: Brand Detection in Images and Videos Across Social Networks

22.05.2015 Blog

Over the last years, social media monitoring has become a primary form of business intelligence. With special services you can track your brand’s mentions – respond to critics, engage in conversation, or simply learn about your customer’s interests and trends. Getting your brand present on different social platforms allows you to connect with your current and future customers from all walks of life.
In the year 2015, 66% of marketers agree that social media marketing is core to their business. And nearly double the number of marketers categorize social as a primary revenue source compared to 2014.

make your brand visible

Along with this, social platforms, dominated by visual content (images and video)—like Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine—are skyrocketing in popularity. 2014, the users of Pinterest pinned 3,472 images per minute; the users of Instagram posted 216,000 photos per minute, and every day more than 1.8 billion images were shared across the social web.

Videos and images stand out on social media, as they give users a quick overview of your brand without overwhelming them with text. The world of visual social networks is extending: now it is turning into a marketplace to watch out for new tendencies and vaunt about new gettings – consumption has grown much more public.

The problem is, that when you are curating your brand across social networks, the only information you can get is the textual one. Since no one ever includes the brand name in the keywords, finding your logo in social networks can be a hassle. For example: How many brand names do you see in these Twitter posts?

Text search finds no brand logos, whereas visual search detected 3 brands, which in turn received 710 retweets, 790 Favorites with 4.7M total audience.

See the difference? This is how your logo goes missing in the digital ecosystem. Sadly, brands now use text searches to track social and earned media on the internet. As you’ve seen, they cannot learn very much.
With the help of visual search tools you can uncover and quantify the hidden visual conversation around your brand, which in turn makes you able to quantify the impact of your branding opportunities in the digital ecosystem.

The new service available from Kuznech, a Brand Detection tool, lets you detect and recognize your brand logos in images and videos, monitor your brand citedness within social networks and improve your understanding of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

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