• Russian Innovators Honored at BIT Contest

    05.07.2012 News

    Second prize went to Kuznech. A St. Petersburg based startup, Kuznech is developing a technology for indexing and comparing billions of images online, using a 150-parameter statistical algorithm. Kuznech can find similar images in seconds by comparing them to signatures in its reference database.

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  • Russia’s young inventors honored at BIT Contest

    03.07.2012 News

    The second prize went to Kuznech. This St. Petersburg based startup is developing a technology for indexing and comparing billions of images online, using a 150-parameter statistical algorithm. Kuznech can find similar images in seconds by comparing them to signatures in its reference database.

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  • BIT-2012 startups competition

    29.06.2012 News

    Second prize-winner is Kuznech startup that works out a solution to search for images on the Internet. The company received a prize of 363 K RUR.

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  • MoneyTalks® Forum Premieres in Sunny Lappeenranta

    19.06.2012 News

    The 11th Bi-Annual networking and matchmaking event, MoneyTalks® Forum, was held on the 14th of June, 2012 in the beautiful summer city of Lappeenranta in Southeast Finland. This was the second time the event was organized outside the Helsinki metropolitan area and gathered nearly 100 participants to partake in the pre-screened presentations and the ensuing pre-organized one-to-one entrepreneur-financier meetings at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. The event was organized in association with the EU Russia Innovation Forum 2012 and as such collected interesting cases from all over the Baltic Sea region, with foreign entrepreneurs and investors coming in from Estonia, Russia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

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  • Russia monetizes its innovative potential

    30.03.2012 News

    On the last week of March, a team from the Skolkovo Foundation came to Silicon Valley for the eight annual Global Technology Symposium.

    The symposium has always had a bit of a Russia focus, and this year was no different, featuring a half-day of sessions exclusively on Russia.

    Another highlight of this year’s event was the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Innovation Working Group. The group was established at last year’s G8 summit by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama and is headed by Medevedev’s economic aide Arkady Dvorkovich and Robert Hormats, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs. In its first session, the working group focused on particular problems that countries can work on together, exchanged opinions on the legal framework for innovation as well as future commercialization of the new technology.

    Source: Global Technology Symposium / Press Photo

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  • Milner in Russia: are StartFellows grants too small to attract good projects?

    11.01.2012 News

    Russia’s most prominent venture investor Yuri Milner operates on the global scale and his success backing Facebook, Zynga and Twitter is mind-blowing. Last year, having send shock waves through the venture capital industry by offering to fund every single Y-Combinator company with $150 000 of convertible loan, Milner and Ron Convey’s Start Fund has seen Andreessen Horowitz joining their efforts.

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  • TechCrunch Moscow – All the on-stage video

    26.12.2011 News

    On December 5th, 2011 TechCrunch Europe came to Moscow again. Co-organized by TechCrunch Europe, Digital October and Kite Ventures, the second TechCrunch Moscow showcased several early stage startups and hosted panels on emerging technology trends in Russia and abroad.

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  • SVOD 2011: Big Success of AmBAR and Its Partners!

    05.12.2011 News

    The seventh annual technology investment conference SVOD 2011 (Silicon Valley Open Doors) was held on November 29-30. Over 250 representatives of Silicon Valley venture funds, legal firms, business experts, hi-tech professionals, executives and entrepreneurs from many countries came together for an intensive program of conference events and networking opportunities organized by the American Business Association of Russian-Speaking Professionals (AmBAR).

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  • Russians Invading Silicon Valley – Russian Startups Presenting to Valley VCs

    12.10.2011 News

    I’ll be heading over to the see the Russians present to the Silicon Valley VCs this week. Russian entreprenuers have been a force for many years now. With the Russian VC DST spreading money around the valley can the Russian entrepreneurs kick ass here? I think that they can. The entrepreneurial spirit has been booming in eastern Europe for many years now.

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  • Russia’s Skolkovo IT Start-Ups Present to Silicon Valley

    12.10.2011 News

    VCs and Potential Partners to Engage with Skolkovo on October 12Th.

    Startups from Moscow’s new Skolkovo technology city are visiting Silicon Valley this week in a follow up to the June 2010 visit by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. That visit yielded investments and partnerships from Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco.

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