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Kuznech is a Russian-American IT startup, that developed a high-performance visual image and video search technology.
Inspired by complicated technological task to make visual search a part of our everyday life, we established Kuznech in December 2010. Since then, we won 12 international IT-awards, developed 8 products for video and images including solutions for UGC filtering for social networks and automated merchandising monitoring for offline retailers. The company secured funding from Skolkovo and several successful entrepreneurs and investors.
Kuznech core visual image search technology is protected by 4 patents in US and Russia.
We serve customers from different market segments, including leading online image providers, social networks and e-commerce sites all over the world.
Our offices are located in Boston, MA, and Sunnyvale, CA, and R&D center is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

If you are interested in visual search, request our newest White Paper, covering the current state of the visual search market.

Meet the Dream Team

We sincerely believe in the future of visual search and are committed to making it a reality.

Michael Pogrebnyak
Divemaster and practicing Buddhist who knows everything there is to know about everything.
Skype: mikhail.pogrebnyak
Alexander Valencia Campo
A veteran of skydiving at the North Pole who is also the proud recipient of birth certificate №2.
Eduard Lebedev
Snow and water rider whose motto is “Nothing is impossible; everything is just a matter of time and priority”.
Skype: eduard_lebedev_spb
Svetlana Zenkova
An art and literature devotee who has no time for cooking, being too busy creating culinary masterpieces.
Anastasia Churina
Client / Service Manager
An avid traveler who dreams of sailing the world, discovering new places, and learning new languages.
Skype: nastya.ch
Maria Zhulkova
Originally a linguist, has worked with five languages, in addition to being a yoga instructor and volunteer in several non-commercial organizations.

Some of our lovely customers

  • VKontakte
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Moy Mir
  • Russian Helicopters
  • Partstown
  • DepositPhotos
  • Clouty
  • Apex Marketing

What our customers and partners are saying

Our Awards

  • GoTech 2016 runner-up (October, 6 2016, Moscow)
  • Burda International Startup Competition winner (October, 22 2015, Moscow)
  • Business Gazelles 2014 winner, nomination «Start-up», as a high-growth and creative company (June 5, 2014, St.-Petersburg, Russia)
  • Listed among 20 most promising Russian startups according to Mashable.com (November 2013)
  • Listed among 50 most promising ventures according to Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2012
  • IDCEE 2012 winner (October, 18-19 2012, Kiev, Ukraine)
  • BIT 2012 winner (June, 28 2012, Moscow)
  • CloudConf 2012 short-list nominee (May, 15 2012, Moscow)
  • MoneyTalks Startup Event winner (May, 14-15 2012, Espoo, Finland)
  • YourBusiness — YourFame Startup Competition @ RIF 2012 winner (April, 19 2012, Moscow)
  • La Conference Luxe en Digital runner-up (April, 5 2012, Moscow)
  • TechCrunch Moscow 2011 winner (December, 5 2011, Moscow)
  • SVOD 2011 Startup Competition winner (November, 30 2011 Mountain View, CA, USA)
  • Skolkovo Innovation Center participant (in July 2011 Kuznech secured a $0,6 mln Series A funding from Skolkovo and successful entrepreneurs and investors)
  • Skolkovo participant
  • MoneyTalks
  • TechCrunch 2011
  • La Conference Luxe & Digital
  • Your Business Your Fame
  • Silicon Valley Open Doors
  • CloudConf 2012
  • BIT 2012
  • IDCEE 2013
  • Gazelle Business 2014
  • BISC 2015
  • GoTech 2016