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Archive for month: November, 2013

  • Face Detection Technology in Odnoklassniki

    November 21, Moscow — A famous Russian social network Odnoklassniki (Classmates), project of Mail.Ru Group, announces about a deployment of face detection technology, developed by Kuznech.

    Now when all users of a social network Odnoklassniki will search their friends or simply familiar people, they will find more clear content. Firstly they will receive on search request profiles with human faces on avatars, instead of those on which other parts of a body, animals or other foreign subjects are settled.

    Methods of algorithm of face detection allow to moderate a content in an automatic mode. The detector is capable to find faces in portrait and group photos, even when there is a head slope on the picture.

    Users upload daily from 12 to 18 million photos to social network Odnoklassniki. 7 million photos are personal and go on a moderation. About 10% from them don’t pass check.

    “One of our main goals is to make the process of searching friends, relatives and acquaintances more simple for our users. We constantly upgrade own mechanisms but to make search querries even more relevant, we agreed about cooperation with Kuznech. We believe that new technologies will change search process of people in Odnoklassniki substantially” — Ilya Grabovsky, the press secretary of a social network told.

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  • The 20 Hottest Startups in Russia

    Previously defined by the way it cloned western companies, Russia is gradually becoming a place where its undoubtedly strong education and engineering standards are blending with original entrepreneurship.

    The Russian startup scene is buoyed by the impressive Skolkovo project, which already incubates more than 1 000 domestic and foreign startups from its campus in Moscow.

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