• Russian Kuznech wins IDCEE startup competition, well deserved

    23.10.2012 News

    I was waiting for the Russian Kuznech to start making headlines in the Russian startup press for a while, but it is just this week that the news came in that the company won the startup competition of the IDCEE – the Investor Day CEE conference that took place in Kiev, Ukraine last week.

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  • Kuznech Wins IDCEE Startup Competition

    20.10.2012 News

    IDCEE 2012 start-up competition has been won by Kuznech, a Russian web start-up. Kuznech got EUR 15 000 cash prize. The other Russian startup Flocktory got the 2nd place and EUR 10 000 in cash. The Czech start-up realPad was named the 3rd at IDCEE 2012 startup competition and won EUR 5 000 in cash.

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