Our Products & Technology

Mobile Recognition

Automatically recognizes products in a view of a mobile camera, determines their type and finds the same/similar products in your catalog.

Face Detection & Face Recognition

Face detection and face recognition technologies automatically identify a person’s face from a digital image or a video source and recognize the person’s characteristics (gender and age).

Visual Merchandising Monitoring System

Visual Merchandising Monitoring System is a perfect tool to maintain centralized control over goods display in offline stores.

Brand Monitoring in a Multimedia Stream

Detects brands in a videostream, enables you to automatically monitor brand citedness in an ad campaign 24/7

Among our lovely clients

  • Odnoklassniki
  • Partstown
  • iСlipart
  • Bag-Rush
  • Showrooms
  • Tass
  • DepositPhotos
  • Corso Como
  • Spaseebo
  • Rendez-Vous


  • Skolkovo
  • Skolkovo
  • MoneyTalks
  • TechCrunch 2011
  • La Conference Luxe & Digital
  • Your Business Your Fame
  • Silicon Valley Open Doors
  • CloudConf 2012
  • BIT 2012
  • IDCEE 2013
  • Gazelle Бизнеса 2014



  • Anatoly Polyakov

    If you visit any offline shop, there is always a staff member to ask you a few qualifying questions and offer you several options. But there is no such opportunity in online store. We were very excited to notice that up to 50% of purchasing customers used Similar4. At least for our goods (bags and accessories) we find the service very useful. No doubt, recommendations of visually similar product is a really promising e-commerce tool.

    Anatoly Polyakov CEO, Bag-Rush

  • Alison Hoy

    We are extremely excited about trying out the Kuznech Visual Search on our websites since it will give our customers an exciting new way of searching for images in addition to the standard methods of keyword and category search.

    Alison Hoy president iClipart.com