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Visual Search — What It Is

More than 60 companies nowadays are working hard to overcome the #1 challenge of the online world — how to search through images and video the same way we search through text.

Face Detection & Face Recognition

Face detection and face recognition technologies automatically identify a person’s face from a digital image or a video source and recognize its characteristics (like gender, age and nationality).

Visual Merchandising
Monitoring System

Visual Merchandising Monitoring System is a perfect tool to maintain centralized control over goods display in offline stores.

Similar Product Search
for E-commerce

Similar4 is visual search technology for online shopping sites. It allows consumers to find similar products by shape, color and other parameters.

Among our lovely clients

  • Однокласcники
  • DepositPhotos
  • iСlipart
  • Showrooms
  • Rendez-Vous
  • Butik
  • ShopTime
  • Corso Como
  • TimeCode
  • Olant
  • Bag-Rush
  • Spaseebo


  • Skolkovo
  • Skolkovo
  • MoneyTalks
  • TechCrunch 2011
  • La Conference Luxe & Digital
  • Your Business Your Fame
  • Silicon Valley Open Doors
  • CloudConf 2012
  • BIT 2012
  • IDCEE 2013
  • Gazelle Бизнеса 2014



  • Vassily Geldash

    I like the way the technology works. The products (and images) it finds are really visually similar.

    Vassily Geldash CEO 7snoff

  • Anatoly Polyakov

    If you visit any offline shop, there is always a staff member to ask you a few qualifying questions and offer you several options. But there is no such opportunity in online store. We were very excited to notice that up to 50% of purchasing customers used Similar4. At least for our goods (bags and accessories) we find the service very useful. No doubt, recommendations of visually similar product is a really promising e-commerce tool.

    Anatoly Polyakov CEO, Bag-Rush